Celebrity Makeup Artist Ashley Gomila

Ashley Gomila is a beauty pro with a dozen years of experience, possessing an intuitive sense of where beauty and fashion meet. Gomila began her career as a budding hair stylist in New Orleans and swiftly switched gears, and is now a professional makeup artist to musicians, celebrities, models and is a contributor to cover designs and editorial shoots. Her many credits include Vogue, Vogue Italia, Zink, Fault, Maxim, Lovecat, and Galore Magazine. Currently, Gomila is working freelance in Los Angeles and holds the position as Beauty Editor of Astonish Magazine.  When she is not traveling with clients or for photo shoots, Gomila divides her time between Los Angeles and New York.

How did you get started out in the makeup industry?

As an adolescent, my curiosity for vanity and fashion was enormous. I used to watch music videos and wonder how someone became a star and who were the people behind the scenes that contributed in creating their image. Whitney Houston's videos for The Bodyguard and It's Not Right, But It's Okay were my main source of inspiration to start playing with makeup and challenging myself to recreate those specific makeup looks. I was about 9 or 10 at the time so I would use whatever makeup my mom had.

How do you get inspiration for your makeup looks?
I usually find inspiration in fashion or seasons but every day that I work there's always someone or something that I am able to derive inspiration. I'm inspired daily by the works of Andy Warhol, I love how his work is always captivation but never overdone. It's the discipline of knowing when to hold back creatively yet also get the message or feeling across. I've always said, "Less is more!".

What advice you would give to someone just starting out in the makeup industry?

I would advise any new artist starting out to always do what they do! Do not accept a job where you aren't able to be your authentic self creatively. It's okay to pass on projects that aren't a fit for your aesthetic. Also, find your people! The industry is vast, there are other creatives out there that "get" you. Try not to settle in a crew or team where you aren't able to shine, keep searching for the perfect fit of collaborators.

What is the most memorable job you've done?
I've done so many incredible gigs it's hard to narrow down to one but I would have to say bring given the opportunity to do makeup for Whitney Houston's hologram was moving. Especially since I used to spend so much time trying to recreate her looks in her music videos. Working side by side with her sister Pat Houston to create the perfect Whitney impersonator to create the hologram was amazing and honestly hard to describe in words.

Photography by Jamie Diaz
Photography by Ted Emmons

Can you give us some lash tips and best ways to apply false lashes?

The best tip I can give on how to apply false lashes is to always measure the lash to your top lash line. This should be done before applying any glue. Place the lash on the lash line and trim off any any lenght that's not needed. I prefer to trim from the outer corner of the lash rather than the front so that the style of the lash is not compromised. When using glue I always reach for my Callas lash glue in shade clear. Let the glue get tacky before applying the lash and try to keep your eye lid relaxed while they adhere.

Which Kasha style do you enjoy the most and why?

I really love all of the Kasha Lashes collection but the style I reach for most often would be the Au Natural. I love how high end and stunning these lashes look on my clients. Not to mention that they are perfect for any look, day or night. When in doubt I always know that I cannot go wrong with the beautiful simplicity of this lash set.

Anything you would like to add….

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